Creative, user-centric
Design & website


Solutions based on the popular WordPress engine, supported with awesome plugins, such as ACF –  fully functional websites and stores.

Website A-Z

Websites and e-commerce development from scratch, starting with low-fidility mockups through detailed graphic design, coding and testing.

UX / UI Design

Optimal and thoughtful user interfaces that provide the user with trouble-free service.

Design to Code

Figma, Adobe XD, PSD or Sketch file – graphic files to a WordPress website conversion.

Websites & App Templates Design

Easy to use and implement layouts for websites, stores and apps.

Website Maintenance & Support

Engines and plugins updates, source code optimisations and troubleshooting configuration of hosting services.

Get2 represents a professional freelance endeavor. Fueled by a passion for design and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies, I assure you that I will deliver a project tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Price vs Quality

I understand the profound impact of well-planned project stages on both product quality and pricing. I ensure timely and budget-conscious delivery.


I craft the optimal solution with a sharp focus on enhancing the value of your business.


I strongly believe in the importance of cultivating enduring, well-constructed business relationships, as they enable us to attain even more remarkable outcomes.


I am consistently eager to assist in resolving issues and addressing inquiries both during and after project delivery. You can rely on my professional support.



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